Oceans Community Project

This is an Adult learning, Employability and Integration Support project based in Crawley

Oceans Project is set up to work towards community integration in Crawley, West Sussex and provide opportunities for adults to learn and respond and integrate within a group environment within the local Community.

Oceans Project also coordinates learning opportunities, empowerment skills and networking opportunities and workshops for BME groups in the community.

The emphasis is focused on Adult learning, Employability and Integration Support project, as well as providing opportunities for adults to learn, respond and integrate within a group environment in the local community.

Presently, the Oceans Community Project’s emphasises that the main focus for Integration Support is to encourage and build opportunities, where individuals can live in the community and be valued for their uniqueness and abilities.

Oceans Community Project’s approach is for the local community to get involved and take ownership of mini projects in response to local issues. Oceans Community Project works with local organisations to further integration of groups from different backgrounds to work together in building the local community.

We therefore bring people from different cultural background together to support each other with the common needs or issues.

We work with local ethnic minority groups, formal and informal towards integration, community awareness, employability, providing bespoke English Language classes and varied ESOL programmes.

We create new and innovative mini-projects for the interested member of the community to get involved in.

We also promote the free opportunities and services that are offered to the community by charities and charitable organisations.

Our ethos continues as ‘By the Community, in the Community, for the Community’.

Oceans Community Project is open to working with communities and organisations that want to work with diverse groups of people.

We are a registered English My Way centre.

To contact us, please telephone 07943838756, send an email to contact@oceansproject.org